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Ask me anything   Submit    All Kilmers - all the time. Jack's youtube was deleted, I have never met Val and don't come here to make fat jokes, you sound like a moron. This is a Val blog but I love his spawn too, don't complain, I really don't care.

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Anonymous asked: Jack's youtube isn't deleted, it's just private



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"I’m really CLOSE 2 all my EX’s 😉"

The queen.


"I’m really CLOSE 2 all my EX’s 😉"

The queen.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know if jack has a gf


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Jack Kilmer on Gia Coppola’s Instagram

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Behind The Scenes of Palo Alto

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I would like to remind people that this exists because it’s so good and I want it to get more attention


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Anonymous asked: Mercedes appears in Palo Alto around the party scenes. The one who greets him at the beginning party scene, high fives him (after graves), and in the staircase when Teddy/Jack walks up!


Well cool!

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