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Kilmers R Us

Ask me anything   Submit    All Kilmers - all the time. Jack's youtube was deleted, I have never met Val and don't come here to make fat jokes, you sound like a moron. This is a Val blog but I love his spawn too, don't complain, I really don't care.

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Ray Levoi & Walter Crow Horse (Pt 3) - Thunderheart 

oh hey

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Ray Levoi & Walter Crow Horse (Pt 4) - Thunderheart

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Just kiss him already!

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"Jurisdiction’s the only thing you’ve GOT"
Crow Horse
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Anonymous asked: so, can we please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese have some shots of Graham Greene and his beautiful hair and open shirts?!


aw man! i should have done it when i had the chance.  my disk drive is being weird and im watching it on my tv like my grandmother would.  

Anyone got some nice chest caps?

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Val Kilmer looking terrified appreciation post. 

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This is such a great movie and Val Kilmer, as always, is brilliant!

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